Meet Annette Cantu

 I reside in Boaz, Alabama.   Though born in Atlanta, Georgia, we moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, when I was ten.  

When I am in Florida, my heart leaps so I guess that will always be home!

 I served in the United States Marine Corps and attended basic training at Paris Island, South Carolina.  I was stationed for the most part at Norfolk, Virginia, and worked in the Battalion Adjutant’s Office in administration.

 I know, I know, why the United States Marine Corps?

 Actually, someone told me I would never make it! While that may not be the best way to make a life changing decision, two weeks from the day of walking into a recruiter’s office, I was boot-camp bound. If you ever saw Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, it is not much of an exaggeration of how out of sorts I felt and was! I am sure my drill instructors laughed behind the scenes.   But in the end, I am proud to say that I served my country as a United States Marine. While my service was pretty much uneventful, in my soul and heart I have enormous emotion for all those who have served and particularly those that saw battle and worse. So to all of those who served and are serving, a very special, from the heart, thank you.



Why Now?

Launching Visionary Virtual Assistant has been a “vision” of mine for a while. I have enjoyed working in the legal field and now it is time to embrace the rapidly changing world of small businesses and the corporate world both of which have been flipped and revolutionized almost beyond recognition. These changes are only in their infancy, as by some accounts more advances will occur in the next 18 months than has occurred in the previous thirty years!   With these changes, come unbelievable opportunities for those who can keep up!  I have recently completed Kathy Goughnour’s Expert VA Training to be on the cutting edge of these remarkable changes and to be ready for new challenges as a Virtual Assistant.  

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Bits and Pieces

 When “off duty” I enjoy riding my motorcycle.   I am passionate about fitness and being a healthier person (with varying degrees of success!) I enjoy dancing (Zumba, line dancing, latin style, etc.). I am an avid reader and Audible Book addict. My favorite authors/speakers include Carolina Myss, Louise L. Hay, Katie Byron and Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Cut to the Chase

My first commitment to you will be that when we talk,  I will keep our conversation to 15 minutes. You have absolutely nothing to lose - not even your time, because if you are not overwhelmed with my super virtual assistant powers and mind-reading skills, I will listen to your awesome accomplishments, concerns, and challenges.  Or I can describe beautiful Hawaii, being a young woman in the Marine Corps or how I came to ride a Harley! It’s a win-win!

 So go ahead, email me to set a convenient time for a 15-minute telephone conversation. scan2 110