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Ever since the world of the web research opened for me, I had an overwhelming need to perform web research regarding motivation, self-improvement, nutrition/wellness and fitness almost to the point of cognitive overload. Now, after launching Visionary Virtual Assistant, the need to research practical business and web marketing tools for a virtual assistant business was required as well.  So I am happy to suggest services, tools and products based on that research.

If I can help you narrow your search and save you research time by recommending a helpful product, service or tool, does it get any better than that?

Purchase your .com domain name at  Fast and easy.  This is what I use.

The Webhosting Solution of Choice. Powering Millions of Websites. Professional webhosting and extremely affordable.  Get started today.  This is what I use.

Of course I am recommending ExpertVATraining.  I spent a year researching virtual assistant opportunities and virtual assistant training programs still unable to move forward. I decided to give ExpertVATraining a call not really knowing what to expect.  Kathy immediately responded to my email, and we set up a time to talk.  From that moment it was a done deal. While I knew that this would open a new chapter professionally, I had no idea the amount of training she would provide and the support and encouragement that would be forthcoming from her community of virtual assistants.  I have been embraced in a professional community unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Contacting ExpertVATraining was one of the best professional decisions I have made in a very long time and it has had a profound effect on my personal life as well.  If you are even mildly interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant, I recommend you contact Kathy today to see if this is for you.

An easy document sharing tool to connect with anyone online.  I highly recommend Box as a practical document sharing tool.


Collaborate with more flexibility‎.  I love Evernote for clipping a website or page to review later.  You can organize them into folders and add notes to the pages. Evernote is great for reviewing pages from anywhere.  For everything you do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done.

Absolutely worth the monthly fee to download a book every month.  I love this site. Download books to almost any device.  Great selection and incredible deals.  A must for busy people who love to read.

A special shout-out to Tyler Moore and his step-by-step videos.  I could not have set up this website without his videos!

If you have any questions regarding any of the websites, tools, products or services mentioned here or have any comments, please contact me.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I may receive an affiliate fee or referral fee if you click on some of the above links and make a purchase.   To foster the goals of individuals who endeavor to transform their lives and for the coaches that help them, I will only suggest websites, tools, products or services that I have thoroughly researched or that I personally used myself and have been satisfied with the website, tool, product or service.