Limited Offer: Charter Client Rate: $35.00 an hour for the first six months.  After the initial six months: $45.00 an hour.

Budget Conscious:  We can agree to a Not-To-Be-Exceeded stipulation which allows you to cap the number of hours you will incur for the month.  To schedule your free 15-minute consultation to discuss this feature, please email me at annette@visionaryvirtualassistant.com.

Flat Fee Project Rate: Project rates are determined based on the complexity and estimated time requirements of the project. We can discuss your project and the rate.

Expedited Rates and 24-hour Turnaround Time: Generally, $70.00 per hour as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Weekend Rates:   $72.50 an hour or as agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

Methods of Payment:  PayPal™ is accepted as payment for all services.

Payment Policies:  Hourly and Regular Rate: A 50% deposit of the hours agreed upon with the balance due within five days of the date of the Invoice the following month.   Thereafter, Invoices are generated the first of each month for services provided in the previous month and due within five business days of the date of the Invoice.

Project Rate: A deposit of 50% of the agreed upon price. The balance is due upon completion of the job. Contact me to discuss the project rate.

Miscellaneous: Any extraordinary or out-of-pocket expenses will be approved by you before being incurred.

As the owner of Visionary Virtual Assistant, I am committed to providing you with excellent virtual administrative services to meet or exceed your expectations. If we are a fit, it is my vision and aspiration to create a long-term collaborative relationship with you.